Monday, March 2, 2015

DIY Sink Cleaner

It's no secret that I LOVE essential oils! I just think they are so helpful and to know that I can arm myself with homemade remedies and kick butt solutions is so empowering.
And here's the thing...I believe in modern medicine and even store bought cleaners...but the added benefit I have started to find using my oils for things like helping my girls with tummy aches and cleaning my kitchen counter with essential oils has not only saved us the green stuff (which I can now spend on sparkly stuff) but my family is healthier. It's so awesome.

So today I was cleaning my kitchen sink and I could not get it clean....I mean it was clean, but it was stained.  Cleanser wasn't cutting it and I wasn't going to use bleach in it.....(for pete sakes I wash my veggies in this sink...I don't want to kill off one of my offspring).  So I decided to try my hand at making up a little home remedy (I'm sure other people have done this..but to me I was the first.

So I opened up my cabinet and pulled out the baking soda, then I grabbed my Young Living Lemon Essential Oil.
I put the plug in both of the sinks.
I sprinkled about 4 Tablespoons Baking Soda both the sinks.  Then I put about 10 drops of Young Living Essential Oil in both sinks.  Added a little bit of water to make a paste...then I grabbed my scrubber and went to town.

I am thrilled with the outcome...and not to mention my sinks smell divine!
Never again will I buy soft scrub.

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