Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well Hello There!

My soul has wanderlust and I'm always up for an adventure...here's to a new adventure.  Catching Wishes. 

Why hello there world!  Welcome to my little corner of the universe.  In my own little corner I am exactly who I want to be.  I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a long time.  I think I missed the boat to be honest.  There's a bazillion blogs out there and well I know this blog will be a small fish in a big pond..but oh man, my pond is freaking rad!

Okay so why am I starting this here blog?  Well maybe I have something to offer the big wide world. Maybe I have something unique, or not so unique but maybe something I say or do will change someone.   So I should share with the the fact that I am a photographer.  I own Wish Photography, and I'm not gonna lie....I'm pretty successful.  I freaking love my job, but I know that I have more to share other than just my photography....I have wisdom, advice...life...awesomeness to share with you.
I totally get that maybe nobody will read my blog and honestly I'm totally cool with that...I just know I want to share.

So here I am sharing with you all my wishes.  Start Catching Wishes....start doing.


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